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The Arizona Enlightenment Center came into being in May of 2005. A core group of visionaries received very clear guidance that it was time to open a Center on the west side of the Valley of the Sun near Phoenix where people could gather to reconnect with their spiritual family.

We began in an old house in Goodyear where this remarkable community came together in miraculous ways. People were drawn to the Center from every direction and every day, more and more are discovering our unique, growing family. We are continually amazed when yet another person connects with us and shares almost exactly the same vision for this new Center that we have received over the years.

After 21 months at the original location, we were informed that the owner was ready to tear down the building to build an office complex. So, after a short search of new location possibilities, we “landed” at the Center of the Heart Yoga Studio just 2 miles north, also in Goodyear. As we shared the space with the yoga studio, we continued to grow and educate as many people as possible. Then we again received specific guidance that it was time to release all attachments to any one particular physical location–temporarily–so that the next place would be able to manifest.

We have spent the past several years planning and preparing to open our next physical location and now are ready to bring it into manifestation as soon as the financial resources are lined up.

We welcome you to join us on our exciting journey!


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