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Children’s Center

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The Arizona Enlightenment Center for Holistic Learning & Innovation is committed to creating a safe, nurturing and emotionally responsive program for children. Serving children from infancy through high school, AZEC will develop a program that meets children’s social, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical growth, development and learning and that will prepare children for a rapidly changing world.

Children’s learning will be approached with the understanding that children are naturally curious. Curiosity is what propels learning. Given our current state of technology, Google is truly our source for information. Children no longer need a teacher to give them information—what to think. What children need is the practice of learning how to think. The experience of developing projects that are of interest to children propels their natural desires to learn. It is within that context that real, relevant and meaningful learning can occur.

Highlights of our program:

  • Housed in two separate buildings, the AZEC for Holistic Learning & Innovation will address the whole child.
    • The early childhood program will serve children 6 months through third grade.
    • The primary and secondary educational program will include 4th-12th grades.
  • The intentionally designed indoor and outdoor environment for children of all ages will promote exploration, discovery and critical thinking.
  • Children of varying ages will work collaboratively on meaningful projects that reflect this ever-changing world. Children will not be assigned to groups according to their same age.
  • Children will be encouraged to become producers of technology (video productions, public announcements, fliers, brochures, etc.) rather than consumers of technology.
  • All creativity will be nurtured so that children will have the ability to think outside the box, create novel ideas, and generate novel solutions to problems.
  • Children will develop necessary social skills—how to make and keep a friend and how to communicate effectively and respectfully, including the ability to successfully work through conflict.
  • Children will have access to the yoga/movement studio, the art studio and the organic gardens.
  • The practices of mindfulness and meditation will be incorporated into the day-to-day experiences
  • Classrooms will feel like an extension of the home, not an institution.
  • Skills like reading, writing, mathematical concepts, etc., will be taught within the context of real life experiences.
  • As stewards of the earth, children will also work on projects that contribute to the world.
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The AZ Enlightenment Center for Holistic Learning & Innovation will be a safe haven for children to explore, investigate, discover and be intellectually challenged as well as to have access to spaces to retreat to find their calm, to practice listening to their intuition, and to recharge.


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