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As more people awaken, there will be a need for sacred, healthy, peaceful places of stillness. Ideas are beginning to arrive in the consciousness of the people who have the energy to manifest these “acres of peace” in what we know as reality. It will take many to physically create these much-needed centers: visionaries, philanthropists, builders, architects, engineers, volunteers, & gardeners.

Before you look through the information below, click on the Recent Updates link on the right for a view of the layout of our new Center so that you will have an idea of the overall vision.

We are actively manifesting the location for our growing community, and you can join our team. There are abundant opportunities to support this vision. You might choose to sponsor one or more of the different aspects of the proposed retreat center:



The Welcome Center is the gathering place for the “family,” providing space for the store and café. The café offers outdoor seating next to the pond as well as inside in air-conditioned comfort. We have a team of cooks and caterers who are ready to set up the kitchen and start serving delicious organic, gluten-free, healthy dishes to all who drop in for a meal. All the buildings at the Center will be octagon shaped for enhanced energy flow.

The Living Room will welcome everyone to sit for a few minutes and visit with old friends or meet new ones. We call it the “hang out” space. In our two previous Enlightenment Center locations, people quite often came into just visit with each other–it proved to be very comforting for many. So much laughter filled the room that we often had to move the healing sessions as far from the lobby as possible so clients could receive quiet and calm therapy.



The store will offer books, essential oils, herbs, gift items, incense, jewelry, candles, and any number of delightful items to please the shoppers. We also have a group of people ready to get the store up and running as soon as we have the space.



The hub of the Center will be built on 3-5 acres that will be surrounded by other acreage where people who want to be an integral part of the community can build personal living spaces. The intention is to create this Center on the west side of the Valley of the Sun and close enough to a freeway for easy access by those who are drawn to experience what the Center has to offer. There will be an expansive lawn surrounded by a meandering path with flower gardens and benches along the way. A magnificent waterfall will provide the soothing sounds of water gently flowing over the rocks into the pond located just behind the Welcome Center. The lawn will offer the ideal setting for weddings or other types of gatherings.



We plan to be the “venue of choice” in the Valley for speakers who need space for events for 250-300 participants. Our staff will provide impeccable service that ensures a smooth, totally enjoyable conference experience. Delicious, healthy meals will be provided from our on-site cafe. Attendees will be able to take their breaks outside in the glorious beauty of the grounds. We offer hassle-free planning for presentations that change people’s lives.

There will be a small space outside next to the Conference Center that will be surrounded with shrubbery where classes can be held when the weather is beautiful. Classroom facilitators can use the stage for a small class in the enclosed garden area as well as for a larger group that can meet on the lawn.



The Children’s Center is a sacred space where children of all ages are welcome to gather. It serves as a school as well as gathering place for children to come and “remember” and share their True Selves. The education process is powered by exploring one’s passions and through exploration. Children advance through self-direction. Adults act as guides and mentors sharing skills and wisdom discovered in their own journeys. The Children’s Center provides the environment where inner knowledge and wisdom can be brought forth enabling the children to flourish in our world.



These will be 11 small cottages, each consisting of a large bedroom, a closet, and a bathroom. Each one will have two beds and will be available for rent by those wanting to spend a few days in serenity. They can be rented individually or if someone wants to offer a retreat, all of them can be rented to accommodate 22 people. There will also be living quarters available for several on-site caretakers to look after the smooth operation of the Center. All of these cottages will also be octagonal in shape and powered by solar units. They can be built in the form of a “yurt” and they will be built with straw bales or earthen construction.



We plan to build the Center as much off the grid as possible with all electricity being provided by solar panels and a system to harvest rainwater to assist in watering all the gardens on the property. We will grow all our own food for the cafe and our caretakers in our organic gardens that will also produce enough product to sell at our recurring Farmers Markets. There will also be space for a community garden so that others will be able to grow their own fruits and veggies for their families and friends. The garden will also provide a lifetime learning project for the students attending the Children’s Center. They can learn how to grow the food, harvest it, preserve it, and sell it.



Each Healing Suite will be surrounded by landscaping that allows total privacy to any client who has a session with one of our healing practitioners. The double doors can be opened on a cool day so that it will seem like the session is being provided outside under sunny skies, with a cool breeze and the relaxing sound of birds in the surrounding trees. These suites are also built in an octagonal shape and the power is provided by solar panels.



The Meditation Garden areas will be set up by professional landscape architects who have experience in designing sacred spaces. Several small private areas will be available that will provide quiet space for sitting in meditation. Our labyrinth will provide yet another opportunity for a walking meditation that can be a profound experience for those who undertake the journey to the center and then back out again.

Each one of these components will play a vital part in the cultivation of the community. We invite you to join us by contributing financial resources or offering your valuable expertise to make the new Arizona Enlightenment Center a reality. The team is forming! Come be a part of it! And hold on tight! Here we go!

For more information about how you can play a part in manifesting this vision, contact us at 623-882-9454 or email us at info@azenlightenmentcenter.org. If you are ready to donate now, click on the Donate button at the top right of the page. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Thanks… we appreciate you!


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